Mac Resurrection, partie Quattro

Submitted by olivier on Thu 20 Sep 2007 - 19:09

Okay... I spend the last days, since my ladt post to install, and install and reinstall the Power Mac G3. but this time I decided to think a little more of what should be really changed. The previous day were the place for lots of tries to discover and find out the possible part which may stick... The result is pretty simple actually :
- either a RAM problem,
- or a hard disk issue.

Mac alive, part Trois

Submitted by olivier on Thu 20 Sep 2007 - 19:08

Last Sunday, I get a copy of Mac OS X.3 (Panther) on CD, from a friend, to test if this version could be installed on the Power Mac. As, I didn't success to install Mac OS X.4 (Tiger) on it, may be a previous version could help. So during the last 3 days I tried to install, and install, and install, and even install the CDs... but nothing helped out. I always got the same error at the end of the CD 1 installation : "There were errors during the installation".

Get the Fon

Submitted by olivier on Thu 20 Sep 2007 - 19:06

I was still in my bed half dreaming. Suddenly at 9h00, someone rang at the door : Good morning, I've a packet for you, would you please come down. Half asleep, I ran down the stair to get get what ? My free La Fonera :)

Fon is a community Wifi network, where members accept to share a part of their broadband network. In return, all members have free access to any Fon wifi access point in the world. As of today, the Fon network counts approximatively 150 000 access point around the world.

Mac in life, Part Deux

Submitted by olivier on Thu 20 Sep 2007 - 19:05

Tonight I get a copy of MacOS 9 & OSX install CD/DVD. I took me 2 hours to visit my friend, as he would'nt let me go : He got some issues with his Ubuntu Linux ;) Who sais I'm the linux guy ? !

Back home, I dismount my DVD player from my PC (Acer did something cool... there's no screw fixing the player to the box), and remount it in the PowerMac, checking if, of course, the player was Master and no Slave.

Mac in life, part 1

Submitted by olivier on Thu 20 Sep 2007 - 19:03

Several weeks ago, I can get my hand on an old powermac G3 (the blue and white tower). I knew from the owner that it was (obviously old) and had some difficulties to run smoothly. In fact the Mac had some unkown problem that makes him run slow or simply freeze at boot time (no more chime to be heard...)

Something I love...

Submitted by olivier on Thu 20 Sep 2007 - 18:59

Christmas is a moment where you are supposed to have your heart in your hand and think of the other instead of your self.

In France, I love the strikes during the most important days, like today. I needed to go to the city center, using the city buses. I was at the bus stop at 11h50. A bus should come at 11h58. At 12h10, still no bus had appeared or passed by in either way. Of course, I called the Transportation office for news, and get that one news : Because of a strike, no city buses are available, and no trams are running except for Line B.

Say Cheese !

Submitted by olivier on Thu 20 Sep 2007 - 18:56

Last october 19th, I bought online my birthday gift... One for me from me ! What did I choose : a digital reflex camera. I had an old Minolta Dynax 5xi with standard film. With time going on, it began to cost too much, so I stopped photographying. I bought compact camera instead, having in mind that "one day", the time has come to buy a new reflex.

A Streetcar named Desire

Submitted by olivier on Thu 20 Sep 2007 - 18:50

Well. actually, it's our tram that is desired in Bordeaux !

Yep. We have a tramway, a brand new one, "functionnal" for now 3 years... However, the 3 lines have all days and nights issues. Everyday is an adventure, and you'll will read some of them on this blog, I'll release them pieces after pieces ;)

Tagger les photos

Submitted by olivier on Thu 06 Sep 2007 - 17:32

Comme tout bon photographe ayant un appareil de photo numérique, je prends beaucoup de photos. Ma bibliothèque se rempli bien vite. Je crois que j'ai environ 8000 différentes photos soit venant de mon Canon Ixus v2, ou bien de mon Canon 400D. Maintenant il faut ranger tout ca ! Il existe bien sur de slogiciels qui vous aident à organiser vos photos, tel que Picasa de Google ou Photoshop Elements d'Adobe ou les utilisateires de Canon. Aujourd'hui je ne vais aborder que les tags, ou mot-clé qui s'ajoute à la photo elle même comme meta données.

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