Trip to Grenoble

Submitted by olivier on Thu 20 Sep 2007 - 19:51

End of April, I had to go to Grenoble. A company called me, and was looking for someone (like me abvisouly). So I drove there, from the west of France (Atlantic coast) to the east (Alps mountains).

I drove about 7 hours, stops included, the 680 km. I even tested my brand new GPS tomtom 510 :)

Now about Grenoble :

Haiku from Finland...

Submitted by olivier on Thu 20 Sep 2007 - 19:49

A internet friend of mine tested Tumblr beginning of this year, and really tried to influence me to sign up. Tumblr is a little web service where you can easily write some text lines and spread them to the world. If the idea is neat, I didn't see the obvious benefit of this over a blog (except the simplicity). The main drawback is that, you can share you're current thought, but you aren't able to belong to a group of friends or nobody could add their word to yours, like you can find on Vox !

Get Lost !

Submitted by olivier on Thu 20 Sep 2007 - 19:48

"No, I won't anymore" will be a possible answer from now :)

For the mast 8 months I spend more and more time drving around France and Germany. I think I just did 7000km in that period... with only a good old map and recommendations of the Michelin web sites ( Michelin is stll the best when you deal with travelling).

Free Hugs

Submitted by olivier on Thu 20 Sep 2007 - 19:45

Yesterday, I was waiting to meet a friend in Bordeaux. I came earlier, an d walked up and down the rue Sainte Catherine (the longtest pedestraian street of Europe as far as I know). At one end of it, where the street meets the place de la Comédie, you could get free hugs from girls and guys (depending from who you want to give/share/get a hug :) )

How can you resist ? I gave 2 and get two also :) Thank you for doing this with happiness.  I saw a lot of people smiling and watching 3 seconds before giving a hug themselves ! :) I had a nice day yesterday !

iMac G3 : the refreshing

Submitted by olivier on Thu 20 Sep 2007 - 19:31

Guess, what, a friend of mine "found" a dying Apple iMac G3, somewhere to be thrown in any bin. He got it back home, and just gave me for some days, I could try to look at it and update it. This Mac is for his 11 years old daughter.

After a quick tour of the beast, it's a "Bondi blue" iMac G3. Here are some characteristics of it :

When tax comes...

Submitted by olivier on Thu 20 Sep 2007 - 19:28

In France, we have a lot of taxes for everything and anything.. and often for other purpose than what it supposed to be... Wow.. I don't know what I'm talking about.. could be about anything ;)

Ok, Let's have some examples :

Why americans are fat

Submitted by olivier on Thu 20 Sep 2007 - 19:27

Well... From a european point of view, all american are fat, (or looks like J.R. from Dallas). I was already twice in the USA and Canada, and this is rather a reality (about fat ;) )...

MSNBC just released a photos explaining why. Of course it's not the only cause, but one that participate. We can't see this in France, and I think I'm not wrong saying in all Europe.

Get a look here : MSNBC's week in pictures

Where to buy iPods ?

Submitted by olivier on Thu 20 Sep 2007 - 19:23

My 4G iPod is beging to die. It's about 2 1/2 years old, and the battery seems to shorten everytime I'm synchronizing and recharging it. I used to listen almost 4 hours of ipod everyday at work (I'm subscribed to a lot od podcasts). Today, the battery last for 4 hours of continous play or less and is even discharging while switched off. The battery can't keep the charge any more and after 2 days of not being switched on, the battery is almost empty.

Sooo ! I'm planning to buy a new ipod. Certainly a iPod nano, the red one will be my choice.

New Mobile Phone

Submitted by olivier on Thu 20 Sep 2007 - 19:16

I bought a new mobile phone. It replaces my 2 years old Sony Ericsson T630. The battery began to last less than a day. I didn't want a big expensive phone, but I wanted it with bluetooth.

I find this LG KG320 phone. It's not a brand new model, I don't care. It has bluetooth this is what I was looking for. Everything else is not important for me, this phone is to call and being called :)
- has a 1.3 MB camera (no 2MB)
- has a shutter to protect the lense
- can play MP3
- has a speaker so you can listen to mp3 without earphones

Mac Repair, Teil 5

Submitted by olivier on Thu 20 Sep 2007 - 19:12

For now 2 weeks, I'm switching on regularly the powermac to see if everythin is running fine. I start iPhoto and add lots of photos, add lots of music into itunes library, and yes it seems to go well :)

Last monday (12th), I was giving one more chance (I'm really too good) to my 2 PC133 RAM (128 and 256 MB). I really find that 448 MB of RAM is not enough to run Panther smoothly, and adding 384 MB of RAM couldn't be that bad, even if my experience showed my that these RAM didn't work.

(note to myself : I really need to build simpler sentences).

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