Et si Google était méchant ?

Submitted by olivier on Wed 26 Sep 2007 - 14:39

Serena, une des mes "amies" sur pownce vient de trouver un article en anglais. L'auteur raconte l'histoire de Greg, un américain qui vit dans un monde ou Google est omnipresent, "aide" la police et les services de surveillances. L'histoire peut être dérangeante, mais je me dit qu'aujourd'hui nous sommes déjà très près de la réalité. Google sait déja beaucoup de nous. Rien qu'en cherchant sur le net.

Pour commencer / To begin with....

Submitted by olivier on Thu 20 Sep 2007 - 21:02

I think a nerd is a person who uses the telephone to talk to other people about telephones. And a computer nerd therefore is somebody who uses a computer in order to use a computer.

Je pense qu'un nerd est une personne qui utilise le téléphone pour parler de téléphone aux autres. Et un fou d'ordinateur est quelqu'un qui utilise un ordinateur pour utiliser un ordinateur.

Douglas Adams

About tagging...

Submitted by olivier on Thu 20 Sep 2007 - 20:28

Two days ago, I was starting to tag my photos. I tried in the past, but I had diffiulties to find the correct keywords. I was fighting with several problems :

How to park (french style)

Submitted by olivier on Thu 20 Sep 2007 - 20:26

Last Saturday I was visiting my dad at the current convalescence centre of Lège Cap Ferret. I couldn't resist to take that photo, showinf how french driver are parking there cars. I'm saying french, but it's true for people in the south west of France.

As you can see, 3 cars are using 5 places, by leaving the car not paralell to the lines as you would do, but with a niceangle showing that the driver don't like following the law, and that his own interest is more important that his neighbourg.


Submitted by olivier on Thu 20 Sep 2007 - 20:15

I just discovered this video clip... When listening to it, I just thought that I can never listen that kind of music and lyrics outside the french community. Is is the french touch, I don't know.... This little guy is a 14 years old Belgian :)

For those who doesn't understand a french word (beside "je t'aime" ;) ) The song is talking about hope : even if we are in a bad position, don't forget there's some place worse that whee you are. So take what you have and work with it, as you own it, and be please of it.

Should I stay or should I go ?

Submitted by olivier on Thu 20 Sep 2007 - 20:06

The two weeks have almost passed away like a charm. I wonder where I was ;)

Now I got a real issue with the job.... Short said : Should I keep the job and then definitively move from Bordeaux to Grenoble. Or Should I leave it and go back to Bordeaux.

I made a list of points (good and less good)...

Pros :

Two weeks in Grenoble

Submitted by olivier on Thu 20 Sep 2007 - 20:00

I'm one more time in Grenoble for my work. This time, I'm staying 2 weeks long... Enough time to discover a little more the city, people, etc...

Well, last sunday, I went to the old Grenoble : Notre Dame. I hope this area was more "old" but restored.... I was wrong. Days are passing, and the more I'm looking at the city, themore I find the dirt covering every piece of the building, roads...

Mac Apps

Submitted by olivier on Thu 20 Sep 2007 - 19:58

Here's an update of my Powermac G3. today it's about the apps.

Yesterday, I decided to work the whole day using the Mac. Ok, this was primarily, for website update (My current job is to configure a Drupal site). After that day, the power mac is slow, but wait, for web browsing, emailing and chatting, it's ok.

I also look at some tiny Apps, you could run on Panther. Here is the complete list of installed Mac Apps :


Something that happened...

Submitted by olivier on Thu 20 Sep 2007 - 19:56

It happened fast. It last long. I didn't see for a long time, in his own environment. I had time to see before the fatal moment. Not so young, and not the youngest, the taken way stops the day.

He was my uncle, younger than my father. He left us today, after 3 years of pain. I had the chance to visit him at home after 20 years, 2 weeks before. I'm happy I did this.

I took this photo on sunday april 28th, he left us on wednesday may 9th.

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